Sahaja Yoga Meditation, Online sessions are offered, for free, to those wanting to learn how to meditate. Chrome Browser on a Laptop works best.

  • Mondays to Fridays: 8 PM – 9 PM EDT Toronto/New York time (6 PM Calgary/ 7 PM Mexico City/ 10 AM Sydney next day)
  • Saturdays 10 AM – 11 AM EDT Toronto/New York time (9 AM Mexico City/ 4 PM Rome/ 7:30 PM Delhi)

Mondays to Wednesdays are beginner classes focusing on activating our inner energy to get to a state of Thoughtless Awareness.

Thursdays to Saturdays will cater to more intermediate attendees who want to go a bit deeper with different techniques (like foot soaking). Beginners are welcome to join, just let us know it’s your first/second time.

Class Schedule

DateDayTime FocusTopicHost
2020-11-23 Monday8:00 PM ESTBeginnersArpit
2020-11-24 Tuesday8:00 PM ESTBeginnersNehit
2020-11-25 Wednesday8:00 PM ESTBeginnersMagda
2020-11-26 Thursday8:00 PM ESTIntermediateFootsoak and moreBidar
2020-11-27 Friday8:00 PM ESTIntermediateFootsoak and moreMadhurima
2020-11-28 Saturday10:00 AM ESTIntermediateRosalba
2020-11-29 SundayNO CLASS
2020-11-30 Monday8:00 PM ESTBeginnersMadhurima
2020-12-01 Tuesday8:00 PM ESTBeginnersShivangi
2020-12-02 Wednesday8:00 PM ESTBeginnersKomal
2020-12-03 Thursday8:00 PM ESTIntermediateFootsoak and moreManeesha