Sahaja Yoga Meditation, Online sessions are offered, for free, to those wanting to learn how to meditate. We will continue to post more times.

Mondays to Wednesdays are beginner classes focusing on activating our inner energy to get to a state of Thoughtless Awareness.

Thursdays to Saturdays will cater to more intermediate attendees who want to go a bit deeper with different techniques (like foot soaking). Beginners are welcome to join, just let us know it’s your first/second time.

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Mondays to Fridays 8-9 PM ET (Toronto, New York time)
Mondays 7-8:30 PM ET (Toronto, New York time)
Saturdays 10 -11 AM ET (Toronto, New York time)

Class Schedule

2020-07-06 Monday7:00 PM EDTBeginners (1.5 hrs) Aditya/Sunanda
2020-07-06 Monday8:00 PM EDTBeginnersEstablish Peache within yourselfPriya
2020-07-07 Tuesday8:00 PM EDTBeginnersShivangi
2020-07-08 Wednesday8:00 PM EDTBeginnersYouth special Yuvas - Rishi
2020-07-09 Thrusday8:00 PM EDTIntermediateFootsoak and Hand Sensitivity Vijayshsree
2020-07-10 Friday8:00 PM EDTIntermediateFootsoak and moreIgor
2020-07-11 Saturday10:00 AM EDTIntermediate
2020-07-12 SundayNO CLASS
2020-07-13 Monday7:00 PM EDTBeginners (1.5 hrs)Aditya/Sunanda
2020-07-13 Monday8:00 PM EDTBeginnersArpit
2020-07-14Tuesday8:00 PM EDTBeginnersSwadistan Chakra + Talk:Work of Kundalini Bidar
2020-07-15 Wednesday8:00 PM EDTBeginnersNehit
2020-07-16 Thrusday8:00 PM EDTIntermediateFootsoak and workshop on Moolladhara Gregoire.
2020-07-17 Friday8:00 PM EDTIntermediateFootsoak and Anahata chakra - Love&compassionMagda
2020-07-18 Saturday10:00 AM EDTIntermediate
2020-07-19 SundayNO CLASS